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Our Model


Headquarters Physical Therapy strives to always put the patient first. That means your experience with your therapist will be direct, one-on-one care crafted from research-based methods. Our business is intentionally out-of-network to allow for full transparency of cost to the patient, upfront, and free from any limitations placed upon the experience as determined by the big box insurance companies and their third party reviewers. This may sound daunting, but ultimately leads to improved results in a shorter amount of time and at a lower ultimate cost to patients. We work for you and no one else. If you have questions regarding the financial benefits of out-of-network therapy please do not hesitate to contact us.


HQPT is an Official Clinical Athlete Provider.

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‣ Get better results with fewer visits

‣ Feel better sooner

‣ Take ownership and control of your wellness

‣ Avoid the “PT mill” and discover the value of one-on-one care



At HQ PT we have the utmost respect for your time and money.  With this in mind, we have created a model that is designed to suit the needs of the patient...not the insurance company.  We utilize treatments that are evidence based and rooted in scientifically sound principles to offer the highest value for your investment in terms of money and time.  We believe strongly in one-on-one treatments where you will spend the entirety of your session with the Doctor of Physical Therapy and not be passed off to a tech or aid.  As a patient of HQ PT you will leave every session with a plan.  This plan will include a trade marked HQ PT Movement Prescription that will be your road map for continued improvement.


Research shows that education alone is enough to have a significant positive impact on our patient's self-efficacy, function, and outcomes.  At HQ PT we understand that knowledge is power.  It is a tool, on which, we heavily rely as a part of our treatment plan.  We are heavily invested in imparting the right amount of relevant knowledge about our patient's specific condition, however, the education does not stop there.  We want to help you build your repertoire of, movement based, self-treatments that lead to improved ability to perform regular self-maintenance and help lower our patient's relative risk for future injury.


This is what we are all about.  Are our patients significantly better off, post treatment, than if they hadn't come to see us?  The road map to success, that we create with our patients, leads here and at the end of the day this is what really matters.  We believe that our principle based approach to treatment leads to the greatest chance at achieving the highest possible outcome from therapy.  Essentially HQ PT seeks to fill the middle space between where our patients start and the end goal.  We continually dedicate a massive amount of time and effort to ensure that we are GREAT at helping our clients achieve their peak performance.